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            Country Estate Vinyl Fence, Deck and Railing!

Many are aware of the natural advantages of Country Estate products that include freedom from traditional maintenance and increased property value. Beyond those advantages, Country Estate products are the environmentally friendly alternative to other building materials. Country Estate Fence, Deck and Rail utilize only the finest ingredients resulting in a finished product that is far superior to other products on the market today.
We are convinced that Country Estate's non-prorated 50-year
Warranty is the industry's strongest warranty.

Common Sense Calf Shelters

*Your insurance agent will love this calf shelter.  It won't blow away like others because of its curved design.
*Same rugged design as our bale feeder.
*7'x24' or 7'x12' long skid is make of 4x4x3/16 steel.
Unique skylight helps brighten interior for calves.
*Galvanized 26 gauge tin covering  (colors available).
*Lift & carry hooks for easy moving.  You can re-bed and move more often to help lessen sick calf problems.  No need for you to climb into this shelter!!!
*Side door is more inviting for is always close by.

EconoDri Transition Corn Dryer

Delivering wet grain to town can mean TOO much SHRINK and
TOO much drying CHARGE.

The EconoDri concept puts the same idea to work

as when standing crops dry naturally
on low humidity fall days.

Combine an EconoDri chamber with VAL6 radiant energy to create the same effect

as when crops dry naturally on low humidity fall days.

At BBBB's Distributing and Dealer's Livestock, we strive
to provide the best customer service po

BBBB's Distributing has been in business since 1990.  We provide a wide range of Fence and Fire products.  We offer various Heating Appliances, Vinyl Fence, Deck, and Railing, HDPE Board, PVC Planking, Whitehall
Accessories and Louisiana Grills.

Dealer's Livestock Equipment has been in business since 1983.  We manufacture our own Dealer's Livestock Bulk Bins and Nursery Feeders.  We will work with you to meet all your grain and feed storage and auger needs.  We are also independent authorized dealers for Norstar Instustries, formerly Vidir Bins, and Common Sense Manufacturing.

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