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Bulk Storage Bins

Our bulk feed bins are heavy duty fully galvanized smooth wall bins constructed to allow for free flowing feed in a moisture proof environment. All bins are completely assembled with legs and cover installed.  These feed bins are perfect for horses, cattle, hogs, turkeys, and pheasants.  Manufactured in the USA by Dealers Livestock Equipment Center, Inc.


ealer's Livestock Bulk Storage Bins

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Our Story

Hopper Bottom Grain Bins

Amber Waves offers only one series of grain bins and that is our best.  We don’t believe in taking shortcuts on materials, supporting structure or in thefabrication process itself. From engineering to delivery and set up we doeverything we can to make sure that you are getting the best value in the industrywhen you purchase an Amber Waves hopper bin.   We manufacture bins rangingfrom 480 bushel capacity all the way up to the 4800 bushel model. Available options allow you to
customize your bin in ways you’ll find useful for much more than simply storing grain.  Amber Waves hopper bins will add ease and efficiency to your operation helping to improve your bottom line!


Meet The Team

Standard Features:

22″ Spring Loaded Vented Lid
Ladder with Retractable Bottom Section
18″ Rack and Pinion Roller Crank Slide Gate
Bottom Access Manhole
2′ Clearance Under Slide Gate
Primed and Painted Exterior with Extra Tough Polyurethane Paint


Check out these customized options to fit your needs.
Ask for these additional available options:
Top Access Manhole
Poke Hole
Epoxy Lining
Auger Boot
Double Skid Base
Extra Clearance
Bean Ladder
Horizontal or Vertical Aeration Systems
Ladder Cage and Top Safety Rail
Inside Ladder

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