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Pellet and Multi-fuel Stoves
We Sell Pellets too!


Don Francis

St.Croix Prescott EXP

There’s something appealing about a pellet stove that blends a simple design with intricate details. The Prescott pellet stove has a large 75-pound hopper, which means you'll spend less time refueling. The traditional design of a pedestal base offers a sturdy foundation for the pellet stove.  Heating Capacity: Up to 1,800 sq. ft.

Ashley Jones

St.Croix Prescott EXL

The reassuring classic aesthetic of the Prescott EXL pellet stove is matched only by is straightforward design. A large 75-pound hopper means you won’t always be worried about refueling, and the decorative accent legs offer a smooth finish.
Heating Capacity: Up to 1,800 sq. ft.


Tess Brown

St.Croix Eclipse

When your space demands serious heat, demand a stove that can deliver. With a massive BTU output and largest in-class room air fan, the Eclipse-P makes short work of heating your home. The Eclipse-P combines the powerful performance you need with smart, durable ST Croix design..  Heating Capacity: Up to 2,300 sq. ft

Lisa Rose

St.Croix Ashby

Built to replace your current source of woodburning heat, the Ashby pellet insert offers all the benefits of a standard pellet stove while fitting into your existing fireplace profile. With electronic ignition, easy-cleaning features and a wall-mount thermostat, you're able to efficiently control the perfect fire—so you can enjoy a heating source that's both conventional and contemporary.  Heating Capacity: Up to 1,800 sq. ft.


Lisa Rose

St.Croix Auburn

The straightforward thinking behind this multi-fuel stove’s design is as reassuring as its classic aesthetic. With a 90-pound hopper, the Auburn is a product of utility. A larger fuel capacity means you’ll spend less time refueling. Convenience paired with solid construction—that’s the Auburn advantage.
This is a multi-fuel stove and can be used with corn or pellets.

Lisa Rose

Osburn 2500 Pellet Stove

The new Osburn 2500 pellet stove is an entry-level appliance, roughly comparable to the 3000 model, whose appearance is more like that of a conventional wood stove.   39,260 BTU/h.


Lisa Rose

Osburn 3000 Pellet Stove

If you love the look and feel of a wood stove, but are attracted to the convenience offered by pellets, then the new OSBURN 3000 PELLET STOVE is for you..    43,000 BTU/h 

Lisa Rose

Osburn 5000 Pellet Stove

The Osburn 5000 pellet stove is the result of Osburn's evolution in the design of advanced combustion systems using solid fuel sources. With its bottom feed technology, this unit offers an impressive reliability and flexibility regardless of the type of pellets you burn. The touch-screen control panel provides infi nite possibilities while keeping the operation surprisingly simple.  47,300 BTU/h.


Lisa Rose

Osburn Volta Pellet Stove

The Volta, Osburn’s newest pellet stove, is a quiet and contemporary model. Its innovative components use direct current (DC) and can now operate using the optional 24 volt battery system in the event of a power interruption. The unit can also be easily connected to solar panels or other secondary source of renewable energy.  45,600 BTU/h.

Lisa Rose

Osburn 7000 Pellet Stove

This stove, which uses a bottom-feed combustion technology, has an impressive hopper capacity of 125 pounds and offers a combustion time of up to 92 hours. Leading edge, the Osburn 7000 has a convenient and intuitive touch screen display offering a world of possibilities to the user.  70,500 BTU/h.

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